At the Tulsa Regional Business Alliance, we’ve found simple
ways to increase revenue and lower operating costs for our members with free and lower cost solutions. 

Our free business membership is packed with unbelievable benefits that will take your business to the next level.  You may be familiar with some of these options, but now you have trusted experts in your corner to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.


Health Insurance that doesn’t break the bank and 1 local agent to shop multiple carriers!

Our members have options of affordable “best price guaranteed” insurance plans for individual health, self-employed health, small group health plans and programs from 9 different carriers, large group health, life, life with accelerated benefits, medicare advantage, medicare supplemental, dental, vision, long-term care, accident & critical illness, cafeteria plans, through one of the Nation’s largest insurance distributors with plans from over 260 companies nationwide. It’s been a big goal of businesses to reduce their premiums on individual and group health.  Our members can now have a plan specifically tailored to fit their needs and budget. That’s major savings and benefits that your team will love!  It’s too easy not to explore your options and put those savings back into your mission. Watch this Business Owner’s Story. Some small groups may find it more cost effective to have individual plans.

When I speak with you and gather details about your needs, I’m able to look for the right plans from multiple carriers that fit your budget.


Lower your energy cost:  Electric

Dated systems cost you and harm your image.  Our members can receive a free assessment and bid for LED retrofits or replacement fixtures. Competitors have been priced to be nearly 50% more even on the exact same bulbs. With over 40 years of providing lighting throughout Tulsa, our provider has quality LED bulbs that use about half of the electricity, can last up to 20 years and have a 5 year warranty guarantee. The ROI is so quick and then that’s money back to your bottom-line. 

Natural Gas

Not many business owners know that they don’t have to use ONG for their natural gas supply.  Even if you have another distributor, with a copy of your natural gas bill, we can show members that average over $4000 a year how to save as much as 30%-40%


Monthly “Knowledge is Power”emails that are packed with local business advice, opportunities, trainings, and networking events.

Knowledge is power, but it’s of no value if it isn’t applied.  Knowing how to implement what you know and then doing it is like flipping the switch and releasing the power. Think of all of the books that you have on your shelf that are full of knowledge.  Does that knowledge have any value to you? Only if you can apply it.  Where we may go wrong in business without even being aware is thinking that we fully know when partly know.  Rarely, will someone question what they know unless there’s a decline in business and then they seek a cure.  Share the Knowledge is Power emails with your employees. Your TRBA membership is set up for everyone in your organization to be able to participate and benefit.



Troubled with Merchant Services Payment and Credit Card Processing?  We can fix that.

There are a few direct processors and many middlemen processors in the market today.   It’s one of those services that many business owners dread having to deal with.  Transparency, simple to read statements, no hidden fees, etc, yes, we’ve heard it all before only to find out later how empty the promises were.  Our members are given an opportunity to receive a review of their current statements and if something doesn’t seem right, then we have really good options to fix it.



Employee /University Student Perks & Benefits: 

  1. Employees can receive a simple personal budgeting form which will help them manage their money and plan for a better future.
  2. Cafeteria Plans & 105 HRA Plans
  3. Possible Tax Credit assistance? 1 Health Insurance Agent representing multiple carriers sits down face-to-face to discuss needs, goals and wants and then we’ll look at what Tax Credit assistance and options are available that work within their budget to help fix those immediate needs now and in the future for Individual & Family Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Life Insurance, Life Insurance with Living Benefits, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Cancer Plans, Disability Insurance, Accident Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Wellness Products.
  4. Employees receive quotes from 1 Property & Casualty Insurance Broker of multiple insurance carriers for their Home, Autos, Renter’s Insurance, etc, with an average savings of 15% – 40%.


Free open source software to replace leased or dated purchased programs for your business.

There are many “free” programs out there that are designed to upgrade you to a higher functionality for a fee. We never profit from software or software recommendations, except in the satisfaction that we’re helping our business members find a truly free open source solution.  When it comes to searching for software options, we’ve been there and have done that.  Members benefit from this knowledge and solutions that will equip your business to stay on track and organized: CRMs- Client Relationship Management; ERP- Enterprise Resource and Planning; Accounting; Operating Systems; Office Suites for presentations, pdf editing, pdf fillable form builder, brochure design, documents, and more; Desktop Publishing; Graphic Design programs; Video Editing programs; etc.  These solutions are free open source, which means you can use them as they are or edit them to work with the functionality that you need. Register your company below and we’ll send you our welcome letter with access links and descriptions of current available software programs.

Application for TRBA Free Membership

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