2019 Annual Gold Membership Benefits:

In addition to the free membership benefits, with a Gold membership, you’ll notice right away a boost in employee morale and not just yours.  You would probably be upset to find out that your Receptionist or Administrative Assistant entered into an agreement costing your company thousands of dollars without you knowing about it, but that’s exactly what happens when anyone is given the power of “No” without having the power of “Yes”.  Opportunities are missed everyday because someone with the power of “No” was given instructions to filter calls.  They get so used to saying “No”, their listening skills are turned off, and callers are ignored.  Receiving sales calls is inevitable.  You have a business and there are other businesses wanting to do business with you.  These calls can often ruin the day for Receptionists, Administrative Assistants, and others in your company.  How much time is wasted?  How many opportunities are missed? Our Gold Members’ Receptionists and Administrative Assistants enjoy not having to take sales calls or figuring out if the caller may have a product or service that you need.  The joy and time saved by simply replying, “TRBA handles that for us. Their number is 918-376-7970. Thank you.” will be of the highest value. 


  1. We’ll take all of your inbound sales calls, sales emails, and sales contacts that you wish to forward to us.

  2. From those sales calls, we’ll log all potential vendor information that you may need in order for you to contact them when it’s time to make a buying decision in the future.

  3. We’ll have an initial business assessment meeting to determine how we can most benefit your business with a smooth transition.

  4. Your business keeps a positive image with all contacts.  A salesperson is often viewed as a nuisance or disruption in the day, but they could easily be a promoter of your business, potential client, or know a potential client.  When their calls or walk-ins are forwarded to TRBA, you maintain your company’s professional reputation.  (Ask a few sales people if there are businesses that they will never do business with due to the way that they’ve been treated.  That also means that they won’t refer others.)  “There are no insignificant relationships.” Jim Stovall  

2019 Annual Gold Membership Dues Structure:

Employee Count                                    Annual Dues

    1 – 19                                                              $500      

  20 – 49                                                             $650      

  50 – 149                                                           $810      

150 – 299                                                           $1065      

300 – 399                                                          $1530      

400+                                                                  Contact for membership rate.

Process for becoming a Gold member

Step 1:  Register your company below.

Step 2:  We’ll contact you by phone for an initial introduction to your business and setup a time for a business assessment meeting.

Step 3:  We’ll have your business assessment meeting.  (This is where we’ll learn about your business, what type of service agreements you have, how you handle incoming sales calls now, how incoming sales calls will be forwarded and processed, setup a schedule for when you would like to receive your sales calls’ data, etc.)


2019 Gold Membership Application

ex. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Hon., etc...
(each part time employee is counted as one half employee)
2019 Gold Membership Dues Structure Employee Count 1 - 19 $ 500, 20 - 49 $650, 50 - 149 $810, 150 - 299 $1065, 300 - 399 $1530, 400+ Contact for rate.

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