It Just Makes Sense.

In addition to the services already included with your membership, this optional members only service will save you thousands more by having us shop services for your company.  Here are the most common types of products and service agreements that we can help your business obtain and negotiate.  Of course, we can obtain bids for other services not listed here as well. This list is to give you a general idea on how you can benefit the most from your membership. 


If you would like for TRBA to shop service vendors and agreements for you, we will copy all agreements currently in place at the initial business assessment meeting. We’re familiar and have access to an abundance of vendors and resources available.  With every sales call claiming to have a “Bigger, Better Deal” or the “Best Price and Service”, we get down to the facts of the matter by comparing vendors and fees for service. If we shop and receive bids for you, we’re paid an additional one time fee of 25% of whatever the savings is provided based on the cost of current agreements in place.  Example:  If your current annual printer service is $2000 and we find one for $1500, your savings is $500 a year and we’ll be paid a one time fee $125.  Sometimes it’s not about price and you may decide to go with a vendor other than the one that you currently have in order to receive better service.  In that case, for receiving and providing bids to you for your purchasing decision,  TRBA will be paid a minimum of $100.

We don’t charge extra bid fees for this section of services.  Members can benefit from what we’ve found today.

  •  Group Health Insurance
  •  Individual Health Insurance
  •  LED Lighting Conversion
  •  Lighting Supplies
  •  Natural Gas Provider
  •  Janitorial Supplies
  •  Merchant Services- Payment / Credit Card Processing
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Personal Lines Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Benefits

Maintenance Services

  •  Janitorial Services
  •  Parking Lot Maintenance and Resurfacing
  •  Printers and  Maintenance Service
  •  HVAC-R Service Maintenance
  •  Restaurant Equipment Maintenance
  •  Waste Disposal
  •  Landscape Services

Back Office Agreements

  •  Accounting
  •  Payroll Services
  •  Human Resources
  •  Temp to Hire or Direct Hire Staffing Agreements
  •  IT Services
  •  Answering Services
  •  Website Design and Maintenance
  •  Phone Systems and Service
  •  VOIP Services
  •  Internet Services
  •  Cell Phones and Service

Building Services

  •  Plumbing
  •  HVAC Repair
  •  Electrical
  •  Glass Repair
  •  Roof Repair and Replacement
  •  Painting
  •  Awning Replacement and Repair
  •  Furniture – Purchase and Repair
  •  Flooring – Replacement and Repair

Additional Everyday Needs

  •  Office Supplies
  •  Computers
  •  Uniforms Purchase and Launder Service
  • Coffee and Snack Vendors
  • And More

Fleet Services

  •  Vehicle Purchasing
  •  Vehicle Maintenance
  •  Vehicle Mechanical Repair
  •  Vehicle Body Repair
  •  On-Site Vehicle Detailing
  •  Vehicle Wraps and Decals
  •  Glass Repair

Marketing Services

  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Print Advertising
  •  Radio Advertising
  •  Billboards
  •  On-Site Signs and Banners
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Printing Services
  •  Promotional Supplies